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We've always believed business can and should be a force for good. 


At The Long Run Club, our mission is to empower teams and events to express their identity while minimising their ecological footprint and contributing to positive social impact through sport.



we're really excited to share the progress we’ve been making and the highlights of the impact we’ve been doing over this past year, we believe being transparent and honest is a key component of being the ethical teamwear brand. 


“Highly recommend the Long Run Club. Working with Lily and Guy is super easy and they have brilliant ideas...made from recycled materials, proper sportswear and look fantastic. We will definitely use the Long Run Club again for any other kit needs in the future!”


Our genuine commitment to ethics and sustainability is the foundation that The Long Run Club is built on. But we know that achieving change is not something that can happen in isolation. That’s why we want to collaborate with experts to allow us to make the most meaningful impact we can. 

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