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  • What is the order process?
    Firstly please get in touch with us, either by using a contact form or emailing Guy on Let us know who you are, what you need and if you have a delivery date in mind. Guy will then pop together all the relevant details; price, current lead times and any other info you'll need about the process. He may also want to chat bikes/ coffee/ races, please try to not distract him too much... If you're cool and want to work with us the next stage is to chat to Lily about design. This is the fun bit. Any ideas you have, logos, brand guidelines or if you're really just starting with a blank slate are all ok. Let us know and we can either arrange a video call, communicate on email, or if you're really old school we can hop on a phone. Lily will then send across sketches of your design or design options. We usually allow for two rounds of review. Once the design is signed off by yourself we will share this with our factory. The factory will then create digital layups, this means they translate our neat sketch onto the individual shapes that make up your garment. These can be a little tricky to look at if you're not used to it but we will usually share these with you just for logo and colour approval. Once this box has been ticked and everyone is happy and excited the factory will press go on production. We've worked with our factory for a long time and they are masters at their craft. When the order is completed it will be shipped to you and of course we will keep you up to date with eta's. The kit arrives, you do a happy dance, take it for a spin and become a full fledged member of The LRC. Welcome to the club.
  • What is the production lead time?
    Current production times are 6 weeks, plus shipment. We try to keep this updated but do get in touch directly to request the most up to date answer.
  • Are there restrictions on designs and colours?
    Sublimation is great as it means we can basically create any design, in any colour. With some of the garments we have restrictions on placements - no one wants a see-through groin area on a trisuit but we can clearly communicate this to you when starting the project. In regards to matching colours we use a Pantone system with our factory.
  • Do you accept returns for custom clothing?
    Sadly we can’t accept returns for custom clothing unless there is a fault which we will work with you to resolve. It’s important that we sign off the artwork and confirm the sizes to reduce the chance of ordering issues.
  • What about logos?
    Ideally we need all logos supplied as vector files please, this keeps our design team happy and the process more speedy.
  • What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
    We can manufacture orders of 1 item but to ensure that prices remain low we aim for a minimum of 5 items. Speak to us and we will help to find the most cost-effective way of delivering your garments
  • I’m thinking of starting my own sportswear brand can you help with this?
    We'd love to hear from you and chat about your ideas, please get in touch!
  • Do you have gender-specific patterns?
    Yes we do but having worked in the sportswear industry for so long we have found that with stretch fabrics and sportswear that a good fit is dependent on body shape not gender.
  • Do you offer a shop facility?
    We are working on it.
  • Is there a design fee?
    Design takes a long time, but equally we are keen to work with clients who share our passions. To enable us to keep everything fair we only charge a design fee should the order not progress, compensating us for the time spent on design.
  • Where is the kit made?
    We use European fabrics and factories for our presca range. We have visited and met our factory so we know and trust them. It's really important to us that our kit is made ethically and fairly so it's something we put a lot of time into making sure is right.
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