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rules of the ride

The inescapable truth for all ‘sustainable’ businesses is that traditional capitalist growth is not compatible with a thriving planet.

And while we don’t have all the answers right now (spoiler alert -no one does) we are determined to challenge ourselves. 

Recycled Cycling custom kit


1. We will only work with a select group of customers who believe in what we do.

     Encouraging you to use your kit for the long run and when it's eventually done, recycled it.


2. We will use everything that we have learned from the last decade from our experience in sustainability projects.

    Only making to order, using the best quality recycled fabrics we can, in ethical factories we trust.


3. We will control our growth and the impact our operations have on the planet. The LRC was created for the love of sport        and planet, not yachts and mansions. 


4. We will always be honest - we promised our mums. 


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