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Taking place at the iconic Dorney Lake, near Windsor, local businesses Climategames and One Race partnered to organise a unique multi-sport event for the planet.


Over 350 people participated in The One for the Planet, the first event to convert exercise into funding positive climate impact projects:

  • The triathlon event planted coral in French Polynesia 

  • The swim, aquathlon and aquabike events removed plastic from the ocean in Indonesia 

  • The run and duathlon events helped plant kelp in British Columbia

  • The organisers planted a tree for every ticket sold in Kenya 

  • All spectators all contributed to the environmental effort, tracking their steps through the Climategames app and also planted coral 

Climategames also ran a training league and virtual event on its app which funded plastic removal projects and sequestered co2 from the atmosphere. 

The day was a huge success, with participants hitting PBs, having a great time and making their activity matter. 


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