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Studio l’Echelon

Launched in 2018, Studio l’Echelon is Stockholm’s premier training and support center for cyclists, and we are proud to be their official kit supplier.

The studio provides a comprehensive environment for performance cycling, featuring sessions led by world-renowned coaches who train elite athletes.

The facility includes a boutique gym, state-of-the-art bike fitting services, sports science testing, and access to personal trainers and physiotherapists. Additionally, it offers indoor training rides focusing on various aspects such as Recovery & Technique, Endurance, Base Building, VO2 Max, and Sprints.

Whether you're aiming to refine your technique or boost your endurance, Studio l’Echelon provides the tools and expertise needed to achieve your cycling goals.

"Our goal when establishing Studio L’Echelon was to create a world-class training facility for cyclists and triathletes where riders of all levels felt welcome, understood, and encouraged. We provide riders with a place to train efficiently, enjoyably, safely and together. We truly believe that in this age where people are becoming increasingly isolated that being together and sharing the challenges of training will yield better results. We utilise a number of systems including the Wattbikes to provide riders with the best data and performance analysis possible. Our goal is to assist our members to achieve their goals and to be their best selves."

Selby Marshall, Founder of Studio L'Echelon and Olympic and Commonwealth cycling mechanic


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