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6points cycling challenges

Raising over €200,000 for charities since 2017, 6Points cycling challenges showcase the best of Mallorca.

With massed starts, support vehicles, well organised groups of riders, and a passionate ground crew, 6Points challenges offer three routes over three days – 6Points Muntanas, 440 kms and 6000 metres of climbing; 6Points Valles, 320 kms and 3600 metres; and finally 6Points Everesting, 500 kms and 8900 metres!

Each challenges raises money to support charities local to the event such as Asdica, SOS Animal and Shambhala Foundation. Find out more about the events here.

“I wanted to create a small cycling event for my friends who live in Mallorca; we wanted to treat it like a stage race but without the racing, starting and ending at different points each day rather than returning to the same hotel each night. We planned a three day lap of the island, visiting roads and climbs that aren’t on the traditional routes of other events. The idea grew and grew, and we ended with the concept of 6Points that you see today…Mallorca is a wonderful place for cyclists, and I’m delighted that 6Points Mallorca has proven so popular with my friends, from the early friends riding the first event, to the new friends who join us every year.”

Bryan Visser, founder of 6Points


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