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Third bridge cycling team

A group of nine cyclists from Third Bridge Cycling Team took on the epic challenge to cycle from London to Paris.

Covering the distance in just three days in aid of Gaspard’s and Alice’s Arc, a children’s cancer charity dedicated to funding research into finding a cure and less harsh treatments for Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Encountering everything from punctures (7 in total) to torrential rain, equalling deeply flooded roads and of course, scorching sun, changing the three days from simply a trip to a bonafide adventure but resulting in camaraderie.

"For many of us, endurance cycling is not a regular occurrence, if ever. To overcome 450km is a massive credit to the team work at play and ability to troubleshoot at any/all moments. It would be untrue to say everything was plain sailing, there were of course low points. This ultimately made the high points that much more pertinent." Luke Tanner, Rider

A fantastic team ride to be remembered and all for a wonderful cause which has a very close place in the Third Bridge cycling team's heart.

To support Third Bridge please head to the Just Giving page.


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